We are a small but lively chapel in Newtown, near the infirmary. Our Sunday services can be intimate and traditional, but also quite wild and messy - when we have Messy Church, or 'Fun in Church'! 

A prayer meeting is being held on Monday nights at 6.00pm.

Our popular toddler group meets on Tuesdays, 1.30pm and is followed by our sewing group 'Stitches' at 3.30pm, where you and your children can learn sewing skills (and your children can play if sewing is not what they had in mind for the afternoon). 

If you have never been to church or can't really remember when the last time was you have seen a church from inside, then you might be surprised. Newtown is very informal, family-friendly, uncomplicated and always happy to try new things. Even our baptisms and other occasions can be 'messy', slightly chaotic, full of fun and love and you'll enjoy yourself.

At the centre of all we do is our belief that God is love and He has shown his love fully through Jesus Christ. 


We also play an active part in the Two Rivers Mission Community, working across the West and North of the City.

Our services are usually held on Sundays at 4.00pm.

We celebrate in different forms: sometimes traditional, sometimes with a lot of 'Fun in Church, or with a 'Messy Church'; and sometimes we have cake and juice and celebrate a 'Love Feast'; please see the Preaching Plan for more details.

Address: CA2 7LN
Map Ref: NY382560


  • Mr Ken Holmes -
  • Mrs Marion Proudfoot - 01228 541035